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New broad- spectrum anti- coccidial, effective on all stages


Each ml contains- Toltrazuril 25mg


Coccidiosis caused by Eimeria sp. (all stages an species); Prophylactic use of Coxuril enhances growth and productivity of the animals.

Recommended Usage:

Poultry- 1ml per ltr of water, continuously for 2 days. Repeat once after 5 days; Prophylaxis : Days 9 &10, 16 &17, and 23 & 24 of life; Pigeons- 20 mg per kg bw in water for one day; repeat every 30 days;Kids and Lambs: 8ml per 5 kg bw in water once daily for 2 days; Prophylaxis: 4ml/ 5 kg bw, single dose on day 7, after turn out on pasture; Calves (above 5 weeks age)- Prophylaxis: 15mg per kg bw on Day 14, as single dose; Rabbits- Prophylaxis: 25ppm continuously in water for 2 days, repeat onc

Withdrawal Time:

Poultry- 8 days; Kids, lambs, rabbits and calves- 77 days


100ml & 1liter


Poultry Calves Caprines Lambs Rabbit


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